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Many thanks for a very informative course & ease of access to both resources & feedback from Fe which was always helpful & speedy.
Outstanding Practice in the EYFS Candidate January 2018

Outstanding Practice in the EYFS - Improve Your Practice to Acheive Ofsted Outstanding

Explore what outstanding Early Years practice is and how it can be achieved through the learning environment and teaching provision. This accredited online course looks at identifying, exploring and implementing outstanding teaching, planning and assessment practices that will work for you.

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This CACHE Certified Course Covers:

  • Exploring effective and practical ways to achieve outstanding personalised planning, teaching and learning
  • Identifying, exploring and implementing outstanding assessment practices
  • Developing an outstanding transition programme from reception to year one
  • Outstanding EYFS leadership skills
  • Outstanding Practice in Eary Years Foundation Settings (EYFS)

    This course explores what outstanding Early Years practice is and how the best possible practice for the children in a setting can be achieved through the learning environment and teaching provision. It incorporates practical steps and approaches to implement in the classroom as well as helping candidates to reflect on current practice and areas for development. The course will develop your outstanding practice within assessment, planning, teaching and learning, and transition. The programme is aimed at EYFS Managers and Leaders, EYFS teachers and TA’s looking to move towards ‘outstanding’ practice and EYFS leaders not currently based in the EYFS.
    By the end of the programme learners should have an understanding of outstanding assessment, planning, teaching and learning experiences. They should have developed a good understanding of outstanding classroom techniques and approaches to teaching and learning and assessment and be able to reflect on current practice. Learners will be able to recognise the role outstanding welfare, personal development and behaviour has on all other aspects of practice, transition practices and what makes a good leader.

    Duration Learning Hours Online Seminars Assignments Key Stage Suitable For
    1 Term 25 (includes Tasks and Seminars) 4 4 Early Years, KS1 Teachers, Managers, TAs, HLTAs

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    Certified by CACHE

    On completion of this Customised Qualification, learners will receive a certificate of achievement from CACHE. All our courses meet the DFE Standards for Teachers' Professional Development.

    This online course will cover

    Session 1 - Exploring effective and practical ways to achieve outstanding personalised planning, teaching and learning for each new cohort

    Session 2 - Identifying, exploring and implementing outstanding assessment practices that work for your setting

    Session 3 - Developing an outstanding transition programme from reception to year one

    Session 4 - What makes an outstanding leader in EYFS

    All assignments are focused on self-evaluation, and identifying, developing and implementing ‘next steps’ for teachers.

  • 4 online seminars
  • 12 Months access to the course seminars & resources
  • Accredited by the Council for Awards in Care, Health & Education (CACHE)
  • Access to an expert, ask your tutor questions and get advice throughout the course
  • Meets the Department for Education Standards for Teachers' Professional Development
  • Who is this course for?

  • EYFS Managers and Leaders
  • EYFS teachers & TA's looking to move towards ‘outstanding’ practice
  • EYFS leaders not currently based in the EYFS
  • What people are saying about this course

    I feel the course has helped me focus precisely on areas for meticulous concentration. This has included focus on children and observations, planning and assessment. I particularly found the adult interactions timetable helpful. I have found the course very enjoyable and rewarding to know different ways of doing things and also that what I am doing is ok. I have found it useful to scrutinise my planning, assessments and resources to focus on what do the children know and how I can move them on further. Also looking at the reception classroom from the children’s perspective.

    Many thanks for a very informative course & ease of access to both resources & feedback from Fe which was always helpful & speedy.

    I really enjoyed the course and have enjoyed studying in this flexible way. The course has made me focus on areas that have helped to improve my practice. I have enjoyed the style of the seminars and Fe's delivery of the whole course has been superb. Feedback from Fe has been extremely encouraging and helpful. Thank You

    Very supportive and welcoming tutor - excellent ideas and models.

    Really enjoyed the course, full of ideas to further spark my enthusiasm. Fe is very approachable and understanding and her feedback was helpful and encouraging.
    Thank you very much, I feel well armed to continue to improve my practice!

    I thought that this course was excellent. It was incredibly informative, well planned and covered relevant areas throughout the EYFS. I found I was able to relate everything that was covered directly to my current practise and that was most useful for thinking how I could improve.

    I enjoyed the course, it has made me think about my practice and given me ideas of how best to improve it for the benefit of my children. Some ideas have been 'quick wins' and some will take longer to build into my whole teams practice.

    This is the second online course that I've done with Literacy Matters, and I am very satisfied with the quality of information that it is shared by Fe with us. I find the tasks to be very practical, they involve the reflection of your current practise but also an immediate action of how to improve it. The best thing is that I am able to use what I am learning in the training to improve my teaching, share ideas with colleagues and impact my students experience. It is a great advantage for me to have the seminars recorded and to get all the written information available at the e-learning area, since I am able to listen to the information as many times as I need.

    The course was both challenging and thought provoking. It gave opportunity to reflect, evaluate and consider practice and teaching. This is something teachers often do not have time for - or direction. Thank you.

    This course in general, has been a transforming experience and indeed an eye opener to me and has further positively affected my current practice in the classroom. I see and think differently now as it relates to learning, observation and assessment and I deliberately apply what I have learnt so far to my everyday dealing with the children’s learning.

    I love the way Fe explained things in an easy to understand way giving great tips along the way. I have certainly been given things to think about regarding my own practice.

    I really enjoyed every bit of the online training and feel very privileged to have being a part of it. Thanks to the team for the exposure and awareness this training has brought my way, Great Job.

    Accessing the Course

    Access to the course materials and eLearning area is for a 12 month period, this includes technical support. Tutor Support and Mentoring is available for 6 months from enrolment. There are 4 online seminars each lasting approximately one hour. Although we encourage candidates to attend the seminars live, they are recorded and uploaded for all candidates. If candidates are unable to attend the seminar they can watch the recording and ask any questions via email. The tasks are planned to fit in with teachers’ work requirements. There is a forum area allowing participants to share information and ask questions. To access the eLearning site and online seminars you require a computer with internet access and speakers / headphones, or a smartphone or tablet with the relevant apps installed.


    Access on a computer, tablet or mobile device

    Course Tutor

    You will be working with our eyfs specialist, Fe Luton. Fe has over 10 years teaching experience across reception and year 1. She has also worked in middle management as head of EYFS and KS1, and has managed Literacy and Mathematics subject areas. Fe worked as an in-school early years GTP mentor and has spent 4 years working as an education researcher and writer with a specific focus on early years and KS1. She works with local schools running CPD as well as occasional teaching on a local Early Years Education degree course. She regularly writes on Early Years issues for Scholastic and is a contributing writer for The Hamilton Trust. Fe has worked for Support for Schools for many years both developing resources and as a tutor.

    Council for Awards in Care, Health & Education

    CACHE Customised Qualifcations:

    This course has been accredited by CACHE.

    Our qualifcation has been developed to meet the specifc needs of our learners and has been accredited by CACHE demonstrating the quality and rigor.

    This qualifcation has been accredited as a Customised Qualifcation and we have benchmarked the qualifcation’s learning outcomes and assessment criteria at Level 4 to allow you to demonstrate the diffculty and depth of study.

    CACHE Certification:

    On completion of the Customised Qualifcation, learners will receive a certifcate of achievement. The certifcate is evidence of the knowledge and skills gained by completing the qualifcation. This qualifcation has been accredited by CACHE under the Customised Qualifcation and the certifcate of achievement will be issued directly by CACHE.

    This is an unregulated qualifcation and is not a nationally recognised qualifcation

    DFE Standards for Teachers' Professional Development

    Professional development should have a clear focus on improving and evaluating pupil outcomes

    We have clearly outlined course outcomes and goals and evaluate participants’ prior knowledge in order to ensure progression. Course tasks are designed to help participants evaluate impact on themselves, their school and the pupils.

    Professional development should be underpinned by robust evidence and expertise

    Course content is developed in line with current thinking and is thoroughly researched by our expert tutors. Course tasks are designed not only to fit in around participants day to day teaching, but also to link teacher practice to pupil experiences and outcomes. Task feedback and support is given to reinforce impact evaluation of teachers practice and the wider implication for pupils and the school. All our courses are independently evaluated to ensure intended outcomes and quality.

    Professional development should include collaboration and expert challenge

    Our eLearning environment and the content of the seminars and tasks is structured to encourage participants collaboration, tutor support and to challenge existing methods in order to develop more informed practice and better pupil outcomes.

    Professional development programmes should be sustained over time

    The online delivery and course models we use in our training ensures content and the learning experience is delivered over a period of time. Support and Mentoring is available throughout the duration of the course and course materials and seminars are available for an extended period after the course finishes.

    Professional development must be prioritised by school leadership

    The course outcomes outlined in our Individual Learner Plans help participants plan and collaborate with leaders in order to develop on-going professional development strategies and plans. Our tasks and course feedback provides evidence to show school leaders and to provide forward planning for participants professional development and practices.

    Course Fee *

    • 1 Candidate

    • £ 249.99
    • Delivered over 1 term
    • 4 Online Seminars
    • Learning Hours - 25 (including tasks and seminars)
    • Personalised Tutor Support, Mentoring and Advice
    • Courses Developed by Experienced Teachers
    • Certified by CACHE
    • 12 Months - 24/7 Access to Course Materials and Seminars
    • Early Years Foundation Stage
    • Assessment and Observation Materials
    • Teaching and Planning Materials
    • Lesson Plans & Resources Pack - value £100
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