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This course was so relevant to my every day teaching. I put into practice what I had learned the very next day and could see how responsive the children were to these new ideas. Thank you!
Developing Reading Candidate July 2017

Developing Reading in Key Stage 1&2 Classrooms - Improve Students' Reading & Comprehension

This accredited course will help you develop students' prediction, inference, explanation, evaluation and clarification skills. You will look into a variety of teaching methods and strategies including, Reciprocal Teaching, Readers Theatre and Literature Circles.

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This CACHE Certified Course Covers:

  • Developing inference skills in pupils
  • Developing pupils’ skills of question generation
  • Reciprocal teaching in the classroom
  • Using picture books, Literature Circles and Readers’ Theatre
  • Analysis of the requirements for the Reading SATs
  • Developing Reading in Key Stage 1 & 2 Classrooms

    Reading comprehension requires the development of prediction, Inference, explanation, evaluation and clarification skills. Data analysis shows that many pupils need to develop their inference skills. This course will give delegates’ background knowledge and strategies in order to most effectively teach the statutory requirements of the Reading Comprehension component of the English programme of study at key stages 1 & 2.

    Duration Learning Hours Online Seminars Assignments Key Stage Suitable For
    1 Term 25 (includes Tasks and Seminars) 4 4 KS1, KS2 Teachers, Managers, Literacy Co-ordinators, TAs, HLTAs

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    Certified by CACHE

    On completion of this Customised Qualification, learners will receive a certificate of achievement from CACHE. All our courses meet the DFE Standards for Teachers' Professional Development.

    Course Structure

    Session 1
    Analysis of the statutory requirements for the Reading SATs and illustration of where they are covered in the course.
    This session includes strategies and activities to develop inference skills in pupils.

    Session 2
    Developing pupils’ skills of question generation.

    Session 3
    Focus on how to organise Reciprocal teaching in the classroom. Reciprocal teaching is a method of teaching reading comprehension using the strategies of prediction, clarification of unknown vocabulary, question generation and summarisation.

    Session 4
    Using picture books, Literature Circles and Readers’ Theatre to further enhance the teaching of reading in key stage 1 & 2 classrooms.

    The course assignments are designed to fit in with the usual teaching workload to minimise additional work.

  • 4 online seminars
  • 12 Months access to the course seminars & resources
  • Accredited by the Council for Awards in Care, Health & Education (CACHE)
  • Access to an expert, ask your tutor questions and get advice throughout the course
  • Meets the Department for Education Standards for Teachers' Professional Development
  • What people are saying about this course

    This course was so relevant to my every day teaching. I put into practice what I had learned the very next day and could see how responsive the children were to these new ideas. Thank you!

    Great content for all levels of CPD- from class based teacher to management looking for materials to deliver in school to staff.

    Thank you for an exciting course with many ideas that I've already started implementing.

    This course has been amazing, I'm currently in my NQT year and now leading training for the whole school in guided reading as my class have made amazing progress whilst implementing the course into the classroom.

    I liked the style of the course and I found that being able to listen again to the seminars was an excellent resource.

    The tutor was very helpful and friendly and clearly has an excellent subject knowledge. The resources were great and the references to a wide range of material and studies was really good.
    I really enjoyed having a live seminar rather than simply a reading list with tasks.

    I enjoyed the flexibility of being able to listen to the seminars and complete assignments in line with my work load. Beverley's feedback was very helpful.

    I wanted to say thank you for such an informative and useful course. I have taken a lot from it and can see the impact that some of the strategies are having on my Year 6 group.

    I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed the reading course and how much I have taken from it.
    I will be feeding back to staff next week so that we can work on implementing QARS and reciprocal teaching into our Guided Reading sessions. Last year decoding was a weakness, but we have cracked that now. This year inference was identified as a weakness and prevented some children from reaching expected. I am confident that this will really help us all develop our children's reading skills.
    I am really excited about the readers' theatre. We have identified an ongoing weakness in Year 1 and Year 2 for both reading and spoken language for our EAL children and I am looking forward to starting up a reader's theatre specifically for EAL and maybe disadvantaged children to address this.
    Thanks again, it has been really enjoyable and informative. It's been great to have simple ideas that we can implement straight away.

    I have taken away lots of ideas that I am using in class with my pupils. My understanding of how to move children's reading forward has much improved.

    The course gave me the opportunity to develop my skills and gave me lots of ideas to then implement in my own teaching practice. I now feel more inspired to apply innovative ideas to both whole class and small group guided reading sessions to enable children to become more confident readers.

    Thank you so much for a really informative and useful course.

    Really useful training with helpful resources and a variety of new techniques to try.

    I like that Beverley is a hands on teacher and illuminates her seminars with her experiences in class.

    The course was very useful, I will be recommending Literacy Matters to my colleagues. Thank you.

    Accessing the Course

    Access to the course materials and eLearning area is for a 12 month period, this includes technical support. Tutor Support and Mentoring is available for 6 months from enrolment. There are 4 online seminars each lasting approximately one hour. The seminars are available to watch at anytime during the enrolment period. The tasks are planned to fit in with teachers’ work requirements. There is a forum area allowing participants to share information and ask questions. To access the eLearning site and online seminars you require a computer with internet access and speakers / headphones, or a smartphone or tablet with the relevant apps installed.


    Access on a computer, tablet or mobile device

    Course Tutor

    You will be working with our reading & writing specialist, Beverley Barnes. Beverley has a wide experience of delivering training in Literacy having worked as a Literacy Consultant for Kirklees LA. She is a visiting lecturer for the University of Manchester and is actively involved with teaching in schools.

    Council for Awards in Care, Health & Education

    CACHE Customised Qualifcations:

    This course has been accredited by CACHE.

    Our qualifcation has been developed to meet the specifc needs of our learners and has been accredited by CACHE demonstrating the quality and rigor.

    This qualifcation has been accredited as a Customised Qualifcation and we have benchmarked the qualifcation’s learning outcomes and assessment criteria at Level 4 to allow you to demonstrate the diffculty and depth of study.

    CACHE Certification:

    On completion of the Customised Qualifcation, learners will receive a certifcate of achievement. The certifcate is evidence of the knowledge and skills gained by completing the qualifcation. This qualifcation has been accredited by CACHE under the Customised Qualifcation and the certifcate of achievement will be issued directly by CACHE.

    This is an unregulated qualifcation and is not a nationally recognised qualifcation

    DFE Standards for Teachers' Professional Development

    Professional development should have a clear focus on improving and evaluating pupil outcomes

    We have clearly outlined course outcomes and goals and evaluate participants’ prior knowledge in order to ensure progression. Course tasks are designed to help participants evaluate impact on themselves, their school and the pupils.

    Professional development should be underpinned by robust evidence and expertise

    Course content is developed in line with current thinking and is thoroughly researched by our expert tutors. Course tasks are designed not only to fit in around participants day to day teaching, but also to link teacher practice to pupil experiences and outcomes. Task feedback and support is given to reinforce impact evaluation of teachers practice and the wider implication for pupils and the school. All our courses are independently evaluated to ensure intended outcomes and quality.

    Professional development should include collaboration and expert challenge

    Our eLearning environment and the content of the seminars and tasks is structured to encourage participants collaboration, tutor support and to challenge existing methods in order to develop more informed practice and better pupil outcomes.

    Professional development programmes should be sustained over time

    The online delivery and course models we use in our training ensures content and the learning experience is delivered over a period of time. Support and Mentoring is available throughout the duration of the course and course materials and seminars are available for an extended period after the course finishes.

    Professional development must be prioritised by school leadership

    The course outcomes outlined in our Individual Learner Plans help participants plan and collaborate with leaders in order to develop on-going professional development strategies and plans. Our tasks and course feedback provides evidence to show school leaders and to provide forward planning for participants professional development and practices.

    Course Fee *

    • 1 Candidate

    • £ 249.99
    • Delivered over 1 term
    • 4 Online Seminars
    • Learning Hours - 25 (including tasks and seminars)
    • Personalised Tutor Support, Mentoring and Advice
    • Courses Developed by Reading Experts
    • Certified by CACHE
    • 12 Months - 24/7 Access to Course Materials and Seminars
    • Key Stage 1 & 2
    • Assessment Materials
    • Teaching Materials
    • Lesson Plans & Resources Pack - value £100
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