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I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I feel now I have the skills needed to help a pupil with mild or severe Dyslexia and help them achieve their very best during their time in the classroom.
Supporting Dyslexic Pupils in the Classroom Candidate September 2017

Supporting Dyslexic Pupils in the Classroom - Recognise and Support Students With Dyslexia and Associated Difficulties

Dyslexia affects around 1 in 10 people in the UK, but only 4% of these may be severe enough to be noticed in schools. Research shows early diagnoses and intervention has a huge effect on dyslexic pupils' learning and self-confidence. This accredited course has practical ideas and strategies for recognising, supporting and working with pupils with Dyslexia and Dyslexic type difficulties.

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This CACHE Certified Course Covers:

  • Understanding Dyslexia
  • Recognising & identifying Dyslexia and Dyslexic type difficulties
  • Implications and impact of Dyslexia on learning
  • Strategies to improve Dyslexic pupils learning and understanding
  • Supporting Dyslexic learners
    Supporting Dyslexic Pupils in the Classroom

    This online course aimed at teaching professionals, managers and support staff has been developed to improve recognition and support for dyslexic pupils, this is proven to have a huge impact on literacy levels, self esteem and school life. This course will show you how to recognise Dyslexia and Dyslexic type difficulties, you will be provided with information and strategies to support and develop pupils with dyslexia and you will learn you how to adapt your teaching and setting to engage and encourage pupils with dyslexic type difficulties.

    Duration Learning Hours Online Seminars Assignments Key Stage Suitable For
    1 Term 25 (includes Tasks and Seminars) 4 4 KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4 Teachers, Managers, SENCO's, Literacy Co-ordinators, TAs, HLTAs

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    Certified by CACHE

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    Course Contents
  • What is dyslexia?
  • How do I identify learners with dyslexic type difficulties?
  • What is the impact of dyslexia on learning?
  • How can I best support dyslexic learners within the classroom to maximize outcomes?
  • Course Structure

    Session 1 - Recognising Dyslexia
    What is dyslexia, theories and definitions. What a profile of a dyslexic learner might look like. Using dyslexia checklists to support identification of dyslexic type difficulties.

    Session 2 - The Implications of Dyslexia
    What are the implications of dyslexia for learners. Implications for reading and writing and other aspects of dyslexia including speed of processing, automaticity and working memory.
    The impact of dyslexia on self-esteem and the importance of this in learning.

    Session 3 & 4 - Strategies to support dyslexic learners in the classroom
    These sessions will focus on ways of adapting the learning to support dyslexic type difficulties. Including using visual support, allowing time to process information, providing quiet space. (3 P’s pictures peace patience.) Different styles of learning.

    Course Assignments
    1. Dyslexia checklist, pen portrait
    2. Pupil Report
    3. Pupil Support Plan
    4. Self Evaluation and Management Feedback

    The course assignments are designed to help teaching staff working with Dyslexic pupils.

  • 4 online seminars
  • 12 Months access to the course seminars & resources
  • Accredited by the Council for Awards in Care, Health & Education (CACHE)
  • Access to an expert, ask your tutor questions and get advice throughout the course
  • Meets the Department for Education Standards for Teachers' Professional Development
  • What people are saying about this course

    My confidence has improved and I can now recognise difficulties associated with Dyslexia. I have a host of strategies and tools to use. I like the fact that I could download the slides and the tasks so that I can refer back to them in times of need! The course was easy to follow and the pace was good. I was able to fit it in to my busy work schedule. I am particularly delighted that the strategies that I used in my case study made such a difference so quickly.

    I really enjoyed this course as I could work full time and complete the course work. It made me think deeply about the implications that dyslexia can have on a student and bring about methods to help children who suffer.

    Thank you for an enjoyable informative course.

    Excellent course, I learnt a lot but also embedded what I already knew.

    Positive feedback is rolling in already from parents, and the children are happy.

    I have really enjoyed taking part in this online course. The seminars were very well presented and easy to understand with supporting visuals. Information presented was backed up by relevant research and Government reports.
    I had some previous knowledge on the subject of dyslexia interventions but hadn’t really considered the huge impact of all the co-occurring difficulties that can be present in children with dyslexia. I found the focus on the strategies to aide these co-occuring difficulties to be extremely helpful in the classroom. As Rosemary pointed out in her presentations, these strategies are often very helpful in supporting other children in the class as well. This is certainly what happened in my case. I have children in my group who have attachment issues and others with ASD behaviours and all the strategies that I have implemented with my focus child have also shown a positive impact with my other Need of Support children. It has therefore meant that what could be seen as extra organisational and preparation work for one child is actually best practice for a whole range of children with other difficulties. I have found the handouts invaluable in that the information is very easily retrieved through the use of great visuals and diagrams, the handouts have been a super go-to source for me to share with my colleagues.
    I will endeavour to continue to support my children using these strategies alongside specific literacy interventions and hope to see a bigger impact over a more sustained period of time.

    Rosemary is an excellent Tutor who was extremely knowledgeable in her field. She was flexible when I submitted tasks after the deadlines due to a busy work schedule. I really appreciate her feedback and support.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I feel now I have the skills needed to help a pupil with mild or severe Dyslexia and help them achieve their very best during their time in the classroom.

    I enjoyed all areas of the training. it gave me an insight further to the needs of others. I would recommend this online learning to others.

    Really good course outlining SPLD Dyslexia precisely. Very clear and informative, good handouts. First course I have completed online, the computer instructions were precise. Good accessibility to fit in with own time limits. Excellent, met every criteria. Well done.

    I have had to absorb and complete tasks which has helped in my own learning, which is why the course has definitely had an impact on how I would approach planning and teaching a dyslexic child. All in all an invaluable course.

    I have definitely benefitted from this course and will continue to use the classroom strategies as well as impart to my teachers all that I have learned. Thank you for your clear teachings and explanations.

    5 out of 5. I really enjoyed the seminars. As I live overseas I wasn't able to access them live but it was very simple to watch them back at a later date.

    Accessing the Course

    Access to the course materials and eLearning area is for a 12 month period, this includes technical support. Tutor Support and Mentoring is available for 6 months from enrolment. There are 4 online seminars each lasting approximately one hour. The seminars are available to watch at anytime during the enrolment period. The tasks are planned to fit in with teachers’ work requirements. There is a forum area allowing participants to share information and ask questions. To access the eLearning site and online seminars you require a computer with internet access and speakers / headphones, or a smartphone or tablet with the relevant apps installed.


    Access on a computer, tablet or mobile device

    Course Tutor

    You will be working with our Dyslexia specialist, Rosemary Charlton (AMBDA, APC, MA - Additional Learning Needs). Rosemary has spent many years teaching pupils from all key stages in both mainstream and special education settings across the country. She works in schools with children who have Specific Learning Difficulties: Dyslexia, Autism Spectrum Condition, ADHD and ADD. Rosemary currently works with children who have a diagnosis of dyslexia both individually and within a classroom context.

    Council for Awards in Care, Health & Education

    CACHE Customised Qualifcations:

    This course has been accredited by CACHE.

    Our qualifcation has been developed to meet the specifc needs of our learners and has been accredited by CACHE demonstrating the quality and rigor.

    This qualifcation has been accredited as a Customised Qualifcation and we have benchmarked the qualifcation’s learning outcomes and assessment criteria at Level 4 to allow you to demonstrate the diffculty and depth of study.

    CACHE Certification:

    On completion of the Customised Qualifcation, learners will receive a certifcate of achievement. The certifcate is evidence of the knowledge and skills gained by completing the qualifcation. This qualifcation has been accredited by CACHE under the Customised Qualifcation and the certifcate of achievement will be issued directly by CACHE.

    This is an unregulated qualifcation and is not a nationally recognised qualifcation

    DFE Standards for Teachers' Professional Development

    Professional development should have a clear focus on improving and evaluating pupil outcomes

    We have clearly outlined course outcomes and goals and evaluate participants’ prior knowledge in order to ensure progression. Course tasks are designed to help participants evaluate impact on themselves, their school and the pupils.

    Professional development should be underpinned by robust evidence and expertise

    Course content is developed in line with current thinking and is thoroughly researched by our expert tutors. Course tasks are designed not only to fit in around participants day to day teaching, but also to link teacher practice to pupil experiences and outcomes. Task feedback and support is given to reinforce impact evaluation of teachers practice and the wider implication for pupils and the school. All our courses are independently evaluated to ensure intended outcomes and quality.

    Professional development should include collaboration and expert challenge

    Our eLearning environment and the content of the seminars and tasks is structured to encourage participants collaboration, tutor support and to challenge existing methods in order to develop more informed practice and better pupil outcomes.

    Professional development programmes should be sustained over time

    The online delivery and course models we use in our training ensures content and the learning experience is delivered over a period of time. Support and Mentoring is available throughout the duration of the course and course materials and seminars are available for an extended period after the course finishes.

    Professional development must be prioritised by school leadership

    The course outcomes outlined in our Individual Learner Plans help participants plan and collaborate with leaders in order to develop on-going professional development strategies and plans. Our tasks and course feedback provides evidence to show school leaders and to provide forward planning for participants professional development and practices.

    Course Fee *

    • 1 Candidate

    • £ 299.99
    • Delivered over 1 Term
    • 4 Online Seminars
    • Learning Hours - 25 (including tasks and seminars)
    • Personalised Tutor Support, Mentoring and Advice
    • Courses Developed by Experienced Teachers
    • Certified by CACHE
    • 12 Months - 24/7 Access to Course Materials and Seminars
    • Key Stage 1, 2, 3 & 4
    • Teaching and Assesment Materials
    • Lesson Plans & Resources Pack - value £100
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