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The online seminars had lots of information in them with advice on Grammar and how to asses / embed in writing. The documents were easy to access and lots of useful resources have been provided to use in class.
Grammar for Teaching Candidate January 2017

Target Areas for Improvement in Pupils' Grammar

Accurately assess your pupils' progress in Grammar and Punctuation and target areas for improvement.
This course covers the grammar knowledge that teachers are required to have for teaching KS1 & KS2 English. Includeds assessment materials, worksheets & activities based on the current English Programmes of Study.

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This CACHE Certified Course Covers:

  • The recently introduced changes to KS1 and KS2 SATs grammar tests - including the Interim teacher assessment frameworks
  • Grammar Teaching Continuum identifying the areas of grammar to be taught from age 6 to 11
  • Tutorials covering the grammar knowledge that teachers are required to have for teaching KS1 & KS2 English
  • Assessment materials based on the current English Programmes of Study
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    Grammar for Teaching KS1 & KS2

    The KS1* & KS2 SATs tests are based on the grammar, punctuation and spelling (SPaG) elements in the National Curriculum Programmes of Study for English. It requires pupils to have an increased understanding of grammatical terms/word classes; features of different sentences; grammar of complex sentences, including clauses, phrases and subordinate connectives; Standard English; vocabulary and language structures. This course covers the National Curriculum requirements from Y1 to Y6 and the assessment and teaching materials reflect the current English Programmes of Study; a Grammar Teaching Continuum identifies the expected grammar teaching from Y1 to Y6. The course has been developed to give teaching staff methods to assess pupil’s grammar knowledge, improve their own knowledge of grammar, identify target areas where knowledge is lacking and highlight areas for improvement.

    * Although the 2017 KS1 SPaG test is non-statutory (The KS2 SPaG will remain statutory) the Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling content in the KS1 programmes of study will remain statutory. How this is assessed will be the choice of the school.

    Duration Learning Hours Online Seminars Assignments Key Stage Suitable For
    2 Months 20 (includes Tasks and Seminars) 2 3 KS1, KS2 Teachers, Literacy Co-ordinators, TAs, HLTAs

    Tutor Support & Mentoring

    When you enrol on any of our online courses you will have access to an expert in their field, get 1:1 support & advice from an experienced, qualified and friendly tutor ready to answer your questions. All our courses are developed by experienced Teachers.

    Real-time courses you can study at your own pace

    The seminars are delivered live, recordings of these and all course materials are available 24/7 via our website. Access at any time, from anywhere using a computer, tablet or mobile.

    Certified by CACHE

    On completion of this Endorsed Learning Programme, learners will receive a certificate of achievement from CACHE. This certificate must not be confused with nationally regulated qualification achievement. All our courses meet the DFE Standards for Teachers' Professional Development.

    Course Structure

    Section 1 - Introduction

    Section 2 - What do your pupils know already? Find the gaps

    Section 3 - Teaching Grammar across the Primary School

    Section 4 - Language Structure - Grammatical Terms / Word Classes

    Section 5 - Language Structure - Features of Sentences / Complex Sentences

    Section 6 - Standard English

    Section 7 - Vocabulary / Language Strategies

    Section 8 - Punctuation

    There are tutorials covering the grammar knowledge that teachers need for teaching the Grammar aspects of the National Curriculum. These help to develop teachers’ confidence and can be watched as many times as needed.

    Assessment materials are designed to check KS1 to upper KS2 pupils’ grammar knowledge and identify areas that require focused teaching. They also provide a means of measuring and tracking progress of pupils’ grammar and punctuation knowledge.

    There are a number of assignments to be completed as part of the course. These are designed to fit in with the usual teaching workload to minimise additional work.

    Two live online seminars take place during the course. Recordings of these are available for those participants unable to attend.

    Online Seminars

    Seminar One - Grammar in 2016 SATS, Pupil assessment and teaching resources, grammar terminology and functions, how to support pupil’s progress and plan next steps, language structure.

    Seminar Two - Developing an action plan to use in own work setting, considering 2014 National Curriculum and reviewing statutory requirements, different methods of formative assessment and how to ensure it is integral to teaching and learning.

  • 2 online seminars
  • 6 Months access to the course seminars & resources
  • Endorsed by the Council for Awards in Care, Health & Education (CACHE)
  • Access to an expert, ask your tutor questions and get advice throughout the course
  • Meets the Department for Education Standards for Teachers' Professional Development
  • Course Resources

  • Video tutorials to support teachers’ knowledge of Grammar.
  • Assessment materials for pupils and Class Record sheets for teachers.
  • Activity sheets that are: matched to the assessment areas; identify learning objectives; give ideas for teaching and provide supporting resources.
  • Course Tasks

  • 1. Assessment of pupil’s grammar knowledge.
  • 2. Analysis of the assessment data to identify areas for learning.
  • 3. Completion of an action plan to show how identified issues will be addressed.
  • 4. Progress Report.
  • What people are saying about this course

    As I was new to the role of teaching Year 2 (in a mixed Year 2, 1 and reception class) I found the course and its materials very helpful. I was worried about the new curriculum and SATs but the course assessments and tasks have enabled me to plan and focus on exactly what I need to teach my Year 2 pupils. As I will teach the children for 3 years it means I can introduce the Year 1 topics as soon as I feel appropriate and will continue to use the assessment and data recording resources.
    I don’t always feel confident or comfortable at face to face training sessions particularly if I feel my knowledge is not as strong as it should be. The online training was great, I could work at my pace and felt comfortable asking questions when I needed to. I feel far more confident now.

    Extremely useful -- would recommend

    I found the course and its materials very helpful. I was worried about the new curriculum and SATs but the course assessments and tasks have enabled me to plan and focus on exactly what I need to teach my year 2 pupils.

    Our teachers are very happy and gaining a lot from this course. This will definitely enhance the standard of grammar throughout the school. Our Literacy Coordinator is now working on a whole school grammar approach on the basis of the course materials. As I mentioned to the tutor many other teachers have approached me to join the next course.

    May I take this opportunity to thank you and your team for the excellent Grammar course. It has given me a renewed focus on the grammar needs of my class and allowed me to develop a greater individual focus for my planning, especially in English. The activities and assessment resource materials you provided have been excellent.

    I have found the Grammar course very beneficial and helpful. The online resources have really given me confidence to teach the different aspects of grammar. I really found the tasks we had to complete helpful and a great resource as I was able to see easily what the children knew and what they didn’t. From that I could then plan grammar lesson that would help cover the gaps. The seminars were helpful and informative. If you missed a seminar being able to listen to it at another time was great.

    I have found it very useful, in that it gives me a clear idea of all the aspects of the grammar curriculum that our Year 6's need to know. Also, the assessments that we were able to give to the Year 6's gave us a clear indication of where they are at and the gaps we have to fill.

    Accessing the Course

    Access to the course materials and eLearning area is for a 6 month period, this includes tutor and technical support. There are 2 online seminars each lasting approximately one hour. Although we encourage candidates to attend the seminars live, they are recorded and uploaded for all candidates. If candidates are unable to attend the seminar they can watch the recording and ask any questions via email. The tasks are planned to fit in with teachers’ work requirements. There is a forum area allowing participants to share information and ask questions. To access the eLearning site and online seminars you require a computer with internet access and speakers / headphones, or a smartphone or tablet with the relevant apps installed.


    Access on a computer, tablet or mobile device

    Course Tutor

    You will be working with our literacy specialist, Sue McCaldon (M.A. in Teaching), She has vast experience of developing Literacy programmes. Her past experience includes being a LA Senior School Improvement Officer with responsibility for Literacy and Manager for the National Literacy Project in Manchester. She was a co-author of various Reading Intervention Programmes and has contributed to books and TV programmes for schools.

    Council for Awards in Care, Health & Education

    CACHE Endorsed Learning Programme:

    This course has been endorsed by CACHE.

    Endorsed Learning Programmes are a benchmark for high quality, bespoke education training. The recognition they provide helps training stand out from the rest, and brings prestige to employers and learners alike.
    Annual quality assurance carried out by CACHE is a feature of the programme and ensures programmes continue to meet the high standards.

    This course is not recognised by Ofqual as a regulated qualification.

    CACHE Certification:

    On completion of this Endorsed Learning Programme, learners will receive a certificate of achievement from CACHE. This certificate must not be confused with nationally regulated qualification achievement.

    DFE Standards for Teachers' Professional Development

    Professional development should have a clear focus on improving and evaluating pupil outcomes

    We have clearly outlined course outcomes and goals and evaluate participants’ prior knowledge in order to ensure progression. Course tasks are designed to help participants evaluate impact on themselves, their school and the pupils.

    Professional development should be underpinned by robust evidence and expertise

    Course content is developed in line with current thinking and is thoroughly researched by our expert tutors. Course tasks are designed not only to fit in around participants day to day teaching, but also to link teacher practice to pupil experiences and outcomes. Task feedback and support is given to reinforce impact evaluation of teachers practice and the wider implication for pupils and the school. All our courses are independently evaluated to ensure intended outcomes and quality.

    Professional development should include collaboration and expert challenge

    Our eLearning environment and the content of the seminars and tasks is structured to encourage participants collaboration, tutor support and to challenge existing methods in order to develop more informed practice and better pupil outcomes.

    Professional development programmes should be sustained over time

    The online delivery and course models we use in our training ensures content and the learning experience is delivered over a period of time. Support and Mentoring is available throughout the duration of the course and course materials and seminars are available for an extended period after the course finishes.

    Professional development must be prioritised by school leadership

    The course outcomes outlined in our Individual Learner Plans help participants plan and collaborate with leaders in order to develop on-going professional development strategies and plans. Our tasks and course feedback provides evidence to show school leaders and to provide forward planning for participants professional development and practices.

    Course Fee *

    • 1 Candidate

    • £ 149.99
    • Delivered over 2 months
    • 2 Online Seminars
    • Learning Hours - 20 (including tasks and seminars)
    • Personalised Tutor Support, Mentoring and Advice
    • Course Developed by Literacy Experts
    • Endorsed by CACHE
    • 6 Months - 24/7 Access to Course Materials and Seminars
    • Key Stage 1 & 2
    • Assessment Materials
    • Teaching Materials
    • Lesson Plans & Resources Pack
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